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Collar Scrunchies
Super cute collar scrunchies for dogs and puppies of all breeds. If you own a dog or know someone who does, this is a must-have! You won't find a more unique collar accessory for your favorite four-legged kid. Find the perfect scrunchies to match your dog's coloring and personality!

  • Handmade with sturdy fabric
  • Designed wide enough for most collars fitting both dogs and puppies
  • The scrunchies should not impede mobility, health or comfort. Your collar should still fit comfortably and be loose enough with the scrunchie. You may need to make your dog's collar longer to accomodate for the scrunchie's extra fabric.
  • Fully washable
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • No elastic used, just extra fabric for a proper fluffy scrunch effect
  • Colorful fabrics for both female and male dogs
  • Created in a smoke-free home
  • Will match most travel bags
  • Stitched for added durability and will easily fit most any collar length
  • Custom scrunchies are available*

Large - $7.00** (approx. 21" long x 1" wide)

Small - $6.00** (approx. 13" long x 1/2" wide)

*If you would like a custom scrunchie with your own fabric or a request of a certain pattern, I will gladly make you one. Cost for these is $9, please visit my custom scrunchies page for more details.

**If your collar does not come close to either of these sizes, please email me with the length and width of the collar and your contact information (including your phone number), so I can make you one that fits.

{ Collar Scrunchie Designs }
(Please note, I am constantly working with new fabrics, and I will upload all designs once they become available!)

Blue with Blue Flowers (click photo to enlarge image)


Green Branches (click photo to enlarge image)

Pink Polka Dots (click on the image to enlarge)



Blue Multi Flowers (click photo to enlarge image)

Purple/White Flowers (click on the image to enlarge)

Green Multi Flowers (click on the image to enlarge)